For the second year in a row, the OV-10B Bronco attended the Abingdon Air & Country Show, in the UK. The show is a mix of static and flying aircraft displays with various ground attractions aimed to make a great family day out. The charity event supports the local EC-135 Air Ambulance Helicopter, which made a nice fly-by during the show.

On Saturday, Tony flew the Bronco over to Abingdon airfield where Thomas allready arrived after his flight from Germany. Later in the afternoon, Edith, Jessie, Wim and Tom arrived to complete the Demo Team presence, together with Bob who would fly the Skyvan back to Belgium after the show. After a warm welcome by the organisation team, we checked out where we could install our sales booth. Thomas prepared the Bronco for the night in the open air. After the hotel check in, it was time for a great dinner in a local restaurant to finish the day.

On Sunday morning the whole crew was set for a great airshow day. The sales booth was set up as the public was arriving at the showground. Edith and Jessie used all their charmes to spread the word about the Bronco and answer all the questions. A lot of people were interested in the Bronco.

Unlike the predictions, the weather was perfect for the Flying display. The static display contained some very nice oldtimer aircraft, next to a RAF Puma and Merlin. One of the first items of the Airshow were the Army Tigers Parachute Display Team who jumped out of the Skyvan. In the afternoon the crowd was pleased with a number of great displays from the Tutor, Piston Provost, to the Pembroke. The Swift glider was again a big succes, as was the Swip team who flies this year with two Twisters. The Harvard and T-28 Fennec also performed a nice display as was the Bucker Jungmeister who made a lot of snap rolls. The RAF was also present with the Hawk and Tucano display as well as a flypast of a C-130J.

Towards the end of the show it was time for the Classic Jets, with the Newcastle Jet Provost. The icing on the cake was the Avro Vulcan, who performed an awesome display. Arriving from behind the crowd, the public was ammazed with a top-side pass and a low approach followed by a maximum power climb of the Vulcan, to finish the flying programme.

This way the first Airshow of the season was finished and everyone retuned back home.

We would like to thank the organisation of the event for the excellent hospitality, Mark Rouse for sending us some awesome photographs and everyone else for the great weekend.

See you all again next year!!


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