> Team

Bronco Demo Team is based at Kortrijk-Wevelgem airport, right in the heart of Europe. Our team consists of pilots, crew chiefs and cheerleaders.

> Pilots

Tony de Bruyn, the main OV-10 Bronco display pilot, is also the driving force behind Bronco Demo Team. Passionate about aviation since his early boyhood, now a commercial pilot with some 5000 flying hours to his credit, Tony loves displaying the Bronco; showing the airplane to it’s best advantage as a rugged STOL performer with awesome agility and fully aerobatic.

Dan Griffith brings a wealth of experience to the team as a well established ex military and CAA test pilot with display authorizations on a very wide array of aircraft, from WWI stick-and-rudder rag wing types right through to state-of-the art fast jets and even airliners.

> Bronco Cheerleaders

Promoting the Bronco at public events, our dedicated Bronco Cheerleaders add a gentle female touch to any appearance, entertaining – always in attractive team attire - and informing the public in our merchandise stand and shop.

  • Barrea Christina
  • De Bruyn Ruth
  • De Cooman Jessie
  • Ryckmans Edith
  • Vandecandelaere Soetkin
  • Wayman Cath

> Bronco Crew Chiefs

A group of qualified crew chiefs work behind the scenes to assure perfect operability of our airplanes. At the beginning of each airshow season the Bronco Crew Chiefs attend a 2-day ground course, ensuring a smooth and safe operation of the OV-10 at air shows.

  • De Cooman Jessie
  • Houquet Wim
  • Lenaers Cathy
  • Mennes Stijn
  • Nuydens Danny
  • Rheinländer Markus
  • Vaeremans Michael
  • Viertbauer Thomas
  • Termote Maxim

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