> Crew Chief training weekend

As the airshow season is coming closer, we started our pre-season training with the crew-chief training weekend. The whole crew came together in Wevelgem, where the Bronco is based, to learn all the ins and outs of the aircraft. Thomas and Markus even made the long trip from Germany to attend the training weekend.
The most important aspect of the crew-chief training is the safety in and around the aircraft. The two-day course had everything from pre- and post-flight inspection, servicing, start-up and shut-down procedures till marshalling. Emergency procedures were executed in order to be prepared for the unexpected. Climbing on top of the Bronco wings is not so easy so a good practicing is necessary in order to get used to it.
On Saturday the theoretical part of the course was brought into practice by towing the aircraft outside. As the weather was perfect we performed a second night photoshoot, this time with running engines. This was a good practice training for towing, and starting up the aircraft. As the engines were running the safety zone around the aircraft had to be respected which was good practice for the crew to get used to it. Ofcourse the occasion was again excellent to create some extraordinary pictures of the beloved Bronco as can be seen in the photogallery. After putting the aircraft back into its hangar, it was time for some social activities and we all had a well earned dinner together.
On Sunday the theoretical course was completed and everyone received the official certificate as ‘OV-10 Bronco Demo Team Crew Chief’. As everyone was there, it would be a shame not to see the Bronco in its natural habitat. So after the pre-flight checks, the Bronco was towed outside and Tony flew to the close-by airfield of Moorsele for some touch and go training.
Once parked at Moorsele airfield, a lot of people came to have a look at the aircraft. As our good friend Bob Velleman was there too with the (s)Extra 300, a formation flight was planned. Michael had the honour to fly in the Extra 300 to make some nice sunset pictures of the Bronco. After the formation flight, Tony made some more touch and go’s and finished with an awesome flypast over the airfield with a nice sunset as background.

As the time came to say goodbye and ‘auf wiedersehen’ to our German friends the Bronco crew chief training weekend was almost finished. Once back at Wevelgem, the Bronco was safely towed inside the hangar again and all what was last were some great memories of a very nice weekend.

We would like to thank Tony and Edith for hosting the training weekend, Markus and Thomas for making the long trip to Belgium, Bob for the photoflight and every one else for making the weekend a success.

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