The last trip of our season was to Kiewit, the oldest airfield in Belgium. The Historic Days are organized by Aero-Kiewit.

On Saturday morning the ground crew left to Hasselt. After two hours driving we arrived. We were welcomed by Guido, who is a big Bronco fan. The organizers were very nice nostalgic dressed. Our team was submerged back in the early 1900's!

The pevious week it rained a lot in the region... so there was a lot of mud. We searched for the driest place to set up our merchandise stand. Meanwhile our plane arrived and was given a good place in the static area, behind our stand.

The weather wasn't at our side, in the afternoon we had rain showers and some heavy squalls! Luckily our tent survived it! But there was more mud... so some of us decided to put on their rubber boots.

Besides the aircrafts, their were a lot of unique cars and motorcycles. Sunday afternoon the Bronco left back to Wevelgem. Before take off, Tony discussed a formation with some Piaggio pilots.

So this was our last event of 2011. We want to thank all the enthusiastic fans we met last season! We hope to see you all back next year !!

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