During the first weekend of July, the annual Waddington airshow takes place. This year the Bronco Demo Team was invited to participate the flying display, which was a premier for the UK. Here Bronco Crew Chief, Ivo, reports from Waddington.

After an agonising trip of 8 hours, with traffic jams and Eurotunnel strikes, the groundcrew arrived at Waddington Airbase on Thursday for there annual airshow. For Tony and the Bronco Just a ferry of 1 hour. Our first impression, friendly people and a well organised machine. Tickets and badges where already waiting for us.

A good nights sleep got us fresh direction Duxford, on Friday, to check on Bronco number two, total overhaul. Rare to see a nice plane disassembled in fragments, but so far the result of the nose wheel, Pilot and Observer seats are satisfactory. Hopefully ready for flying at air shows in 2012!

Well, in spite off shrinking military air arms and budgets, and airshows being low priority, they did it again at this years Waddington International Airshow. The thinner line up was particularly obvious in the static park. But that could not keep the public, a crowd of over 145.000 over two days. It was a huge success, top organisation.

The barometer for this success and for any airshow is the broader public, who enjoyed a fantastic day out. Weather was almost too good, so all of the teams where present. Vulcan, King Air, The Blades, Team Viper, The Thunderbirds, Red Arrows, Hawk display, all of the teams put up a save - top - performance. F16 Belgian Solo Display got first price as top display act. An other impressive display was the RAF's Chinook, with its Wokka-Pass, awesome.

For the Bronco Demo Team the first large airshow which, according a few articles, was also bulls eye. And as we see it, with an organisation like this, will be glad to be back next year.

By this way we would like to thank the Waddington Airshow organisation team for the great support and hospitality!

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