For the second time we were invited at the Royal International Air Tattoo. It took place during the weekend of 7 and 8 July at RAF Fairford (UK). Thursday morning the ground team checked-in at RAF Fairford and waited for the Bronco to arrive. Not only Tony & Edith were on board, but they brought a special passenger with them: Miss Tweety. Miss Tweety is a little puppet who travels around the world raising money for the child cancer foundation in Belgium. For the weekend she was part of our team! Mission: trying to get here as many rides as possible during RIAT.
The Bronco was parked in the "Cold war zone", next to the Vulcan, what a huge lady! Other participants in that zone was the Huey Team, a great friendly team who brings the Vietnam era back to life! During the afternoon we enjoyed the rehearsals and of course the sunny weather. Miss Tweety had a great day too, she was co-pilot in Black Eagle Nr 7.
On Friday the sun was gone... there was the typical English weather again: rainy, windy and cold! Nevertheless, we had a great day meeting more nice people, while finding shelter and hospitality in the Jordanian guest tent and Breitling lounge. In the evening Tony & Edith were invited to the Gala dinner. The Gala dinner is an annual tradition and is held in one of the hangars at the base with many dignitaries and Air Chiefs from all around the world in attendance.
Finally it was weekend, the doors opened for the public and the show could start. The boys kept busy by cleaning the Bronco, while the girls were taking care of Miss Tweety. Miss Tweety had the weekend of her life! She was co pilot in the French Rafale (demo flight with 10,5 G's!), Red Arrows, Dutch F-16, RAF Chinook, El Fursan and Patrouille Suisse. In the latter two cases while flying with the leader! On the Patrouille Suisse Tweety thus joined on the last airshow display of the leader, Capt. M.Zimmerli as Tiger 1.

We really enjoyed ourselves again at one of the biggest airshows in the world!

The Bronco Demo Team thanks the RIAT organization for the fantastic weekend!

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