After a deep sleep, the birds woke us up on Friday morning before hitting the road to Kortrijk. Arriving there at 7am, we loaded the van with our support and promotional stuff to make the Florennes Air Show weekend fantastic for all the visitors. By 10am we arrived with the van at Florennes Air Base just in time to witness the arrival of the Bronco one hour later. We were impressed that the marshallers guided us to the TLP platform, the central main street of the Florennes Air Show.

In the mean time the Florennes organization gave us badges, food tickets, … so we went to the mess for a good lunch. Afterwards we met old and new friends and were treated with a private airshow in the form of the flying display rehearsals for the weekend. Our evening ended as usually: food, beer, dancing and this time with some sumo wrestling.

That night we had a good short sleep and at 7am we were all together, ready for the full sunny hot day at the airbase. Before we knew it we were with eleven Bronco Demo Team crewmembers dining at the family breakfast table.

The gates opened at 10am and the show grounds filled up with a huge crowd eagerly waiting for the first flying display to take off. Thousands of visitors were treated with a variety of display acts at the biggest military event in Belgium. As always we were very pleased to greet many Bronco fans that came to say hello at our sales booth. In the evening it was party time with DJ Jo VDB and we all had a great time.

The next day we woke up with the sun in our face and were really motivated for a second sunny day. But, before we know it, the clouds were coming through. The Red Devils from the Belgian Air Force closed there shop because of the weather and joined us for a little party with DJ Ivo in our promotional stand. A few hours later everything was wet, wet, wet, but no song for us… In the evening the sky cleared out and we went for a walk on the airbase followed by a good meal and a party in our room.

On Monday morning Bronco departure was scheduled for 10am, but due the low clouds all departures were somewhat delayed. A part of the team left homewards with the van, once arrived there, the Bronco landed 10 minutes later with Tony and Edith.

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