OV-10 Bronco Demo Team

BDT was very honored to be invited to the Geilenkirchen NATO AWACS 30th anniversary open day. Friday afternoon 99+32 was positioned from Midden-Zeeland airfield – where the Bronco had just received an esthetic touch-up in order to prepare it for the upcoming airshow season – to Geilenkirchen Air Base. Following a low approach – go around, a short field landing was demonstrated in front of the gathered spotters community (see youtube movie). Once parked, in the number 1 static position, we witnessed the arrival of the iconic Messerschmitt Me-262 and Me 109 which were duly parked next to the Bronco. The evening was spent in the Belgian-run swim pool party bar with Belgian Beer, “Pomme frietes” and more exotic Mojitos, a splendid night indeed!

Although the open day was a static-only show, no flying aircraft, a good time was ensured to anyone attending. A large variety of interesting and colorful aircraft were present, mostly with it’s aircrew in attendance to provide better insights to the visiting public. Uniquely the AWACS component of the NATO forces consists of 17 nationalities. Each country presented it’s national culinary highlights in the numerous stalls, and also it’s folkloric musical delights on the main stage, making it an enjoyable experience. The Saturday evening a massive hangar party with live-music culminated to a most magnificent fireworks display at midnight attended by an audience of 5000 people.

Sunday morning we kindly received the permission to visit the massive control tower. This gave an awesome overview over the airfield and the totality of the proceedings. Throughout the two days we spoke to many interested visitors who still vividly remembered the Bronco in active German service. Total attendance over the weekend amounted to some 40.000. We would like to express our utmost appreciation to the organization for having been invited to this special event.

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