The second edition of the Bronco Fan Day took place on Sunday afternoon March 24, this time not in Moorsele, but in Wevelgem, the homebase of the Bronco. During the previous Days, almost the whole Team gathered for the training weekend, and prepared the whole event getting everything ready for the Fans. Around 1PM, the gates opened, and the first visitors arrived. For the occasion, Walther Popelier brough over his magnificent Slepcev Storch.
The weather during the weekend was rather cold, so it was decided to invite everyone inside in the hangar, where the Bronco, Marchetti and Chipmunk were on display. Despite the snowy weather conditions, a large amount of fans made it, which was very well appreciated by Tony and the Team. The new gadgets were presented, thanks to Sylvain Artu for the great design of the “Jets are for Kids” theme.
Starting to become a tradition, the Barbeque was lighted and everyone could enjoy a delicious “Braadworst” with a fresh drink. It was a great time meeting all our fans, have a good chat, and receiving so much support. One of our big fans, Rudi, brought over his plans for an RC model he will be making of the Bronco. The visitors were really from all ages, young children to the mother of Walther who is 96 year old!

Behind the scenes, the Bronco Cheerleaders prepared a great dance act complete with pompons! In the afternoon, they did an awesome show surprising all visitors with their performance. Around 6PM, the last visitors started to go back home, and the second edition of the Bronco Fan Day was concluded. It was a great pleasure to receive so much support from our fans, and we hope everyone had a pleasant afternoon.

Thank you all for visiting, and we hope to see you back next year!

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