On Saturday 26 of July 2014 Bronco Demo Team displayed the Scottish National Airshow at the Museum of Flight in East Fortune.

The Museum is on a former first world war airstrip, established in sept.1915. It first became as an airship station for sea lane patrols. In October 1915 the first aircraft arrived for use as anti sub-marine and convoy protection at sea. From 4 June 1941, the Air Defense Cadet Corps became the Air Training Corps and they often held camps for young cadets locally, which provided them with their first flying experience in the de Havilland Dominies based at the airfield. During World War II the airfield was transferred to a Coastal Command. Throughout the second world war Royal Air Force station East Fortune also served as an operational training base. The first crews to pass through OTU were of Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and Polish origin.

In 1971, the Ministry of Defense donated a Supermarine Spitfire to the Royal Museum, Edinburg. Due to lack of space to accommodate the airplane, permission was granted for the museum to acquire one of the hangars on the former south side of RAF East Fortune as a storehouse for their aeronautical exhibits. The seeds were sown for the development of the National Museum of Flight. The museum officially opened to the public on 7 July 1975.
Some 9 years ago the Museum of Flight started with their first Airshow.

For the Bronco Demo Team it was our second participation, having displayed here in 2011 already. Tony and Edith left our Home Base on Friday, with the Bronco, what did you expect..., Senior crew chief Ivo and cheerleader Ruth left on Thursday by car, and on board of The Pride of York from Zeebrugge to Hull. Crew chief Trevor and Suzi travelled by car, living in England but also starting from Wevelgem after a visit to our home base. After arrival on Friday, we took the opportunity to visit Edinburgh - a beautiful historic town - ending with a fine pub dinner.

Saturday, airshow day, was a nice familiar gathering of airplane enthusiasts. Sort of, I know you and you me. One word COSY. About 14.000 people attended and the range of aircraft showing of their body's and tricks, was spectacular. The Red Arrows, in their anniversary year, offered an amazing display. And... as with all Bronco 99+18 displays this year the weather gods where in a good mood; the typical Scottish blustery rain only starting after the end of the show.

On Sunday, after refueling Bronco at Edinburgh airport, we left for home happy and with many good memories of yet another successful Airshow completed.

Many thanks to the organization, hope to see you all back soon. Don’t mis the chance to visit this excellent Museum. We did the tour, got in a time loop and were very impressed by the passion people put in to keep memories alive to see for generations to come.

Senior Bronco Crew chief - Ivo "Duracell"

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