When the gates opened at 8 o’clock on Friday the 21th of June, a large amount of spotters were eager to find a good spot for taking pictures. On Saturday, the crowd was more varied with students, youth movements & families. Over the 2 days a total of 245.000 visitors attended the ‘Luchtmachtdagen’, which makes it one of the largest crowds we have experienced yet.

The highlight of the show was without a doubt the ‘Air Power Demo’. It demonstrated how an area is overtaken. The finale was a fly-by that consisted out of: 4 Cougars, 4 Apaches, 4 Chinooks, 4 F-16’s, 1 C-130 & 1 KDC-10.

For the first time of the season we were able to see the new display of the Red Arrows, this is the only team that is allowed to fly over the public. And as you see on top of this page, it delivered a beautiful picture.

The weekend was a huge success with many visitors showing great interest in the Bronco, an airplane most of them had never seen before. Especially pleasing it was to see so many kids around too. One man came forward who was amazed to find that he uniquely shares his first name with the OV-10. It was a pleasure to meet you Bronco Voortman!”

At last a special thanks to the organisation for accommodating our team, the food & transport. We had a great weekend, more than 100+ likes on facebook, and hopefully we see you next year!

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