As part of the commemoration "100 years of First World War" the municipality Koksijde organized on 1,2 and 3 August 2014 a new project entitled "Fly In". Place to be was the airbase Koksijde Air Base. The main theme was aviation happening nearby during and just after World War I. Therefore, this event was based on a lot of different pillars: focus went to the air (where the audience could be lured in to first flight experiences, as well as air balloon rides), there was also a re-enactment section WWI (which commemorated the victims of World War I in a serene manner, acts of war, figurants in the WWI village wearing a costume from that time) and there were exhibitions organized for the general public (history of the base Koksijde, Great War Airfield “Bogaerde”) as well as activities for families, youth and kids (workshops, face painting, performances) and an oldtimer exposition.

This time the event was organized by the local aeroclub and in contrast was very different from when the airshows were run by the military. A very warm welcome and a huge enthusiastic public under a full blue sky made this event one to never forget.

The G-ONAA Bronco OV10 was participating on a static show, with many visitors at our stand as the Bronco is definitely an eye catcher at every event. We fittingly shared the pan with our good friends from the “Stichting Postbellum” from Holland and their beautifully restored, and true Vietnam War veteran, Cesnna O-2A. Please do check out their website at are certainly planning more combined airshow participations in the future.

The OV10 Bronco Demo Team was also present and assisted Tony De Bruyn who is certainly the driving force to our team. As the pictures appropriately illustrate, there was even time for a party.

Summarized, with a lot of entertainment in a good atmosphere and afterwards many likes on FB will make this Fly In well remembered in the history of the BDT.

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