On the weekend of September 27-28, Bronco Demo Team was invited for the private Fly-In at the Lille-Bondues airfield. This historical airfield is only a 3 minutes hop from our homebase, just on the other side of the Belgian-French border. The airfield was used by the German Luftwaffe during the second World War, and today still some authentic hangars can be found on the Airfield.

On Saturday afternoon the short hop was made to Lille where we were welcomed by Olivier Maes. A nice line-up of vintage aircraft were present, and it was a great evening together in the hangar where we had a fantastic BBQ.

On Sunday the weather was again perfect, blue skies and a very enjoyable temperature for the time of the year. Although it was not advertised to the big public, a lot of local visitors came to have a look at the airplanes. In the afternoon, the Bronco was taxied to a better parking spot allowing the public to have a closer look. There was a nice variety of flying activity to keep the attending public busy. Later in the afternoon most of the aircraft left homewards, and so did we. After take-off a fly-by was performed over the runway to greet the organizers and the public, and only minutes later a safe landing was done at Wevelgem Airport, concluding a very enjoyable weekend.
Many thanks to Olivier Maes and the organisation of the Fly-In, and thanks to Patrick Peulmeule for providing the additional photographs!

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