BDT received an invitation to participate at a private fly in held annually at the Old Hay farm strip, near Headcorn in Kent (

This is something totally different than a regular airshow, total attendance is not to exceed 499 and the setting provides for a real “picnic” atmosphere. Hence it is a true family and friends event with many people bringing out their blankets and wicker baskets. The day is enjoyed watching a great variety of aircraft arrive and display at the small grass airfield. It is a casual and typically English cordial affair, a great weekend away.

We were happily surprised to find that a number of Belgian compatriots of the aero modeling club “Royal Broken Wings” from Tisselt, near Mechelen, make a yearly trek to Old Hay too ( As an added bonus they brought a rather impressive catering arrangement and kept to a typical Flemish Saturday afternoon tradition of producing wonderful “Apple beignets”. It really couldn’t get any better!

The fly-in is run over two days and lodging for the night is in teepees. On the Saturday the weather was outright brilliant and an excellent time was to be had, but alas the forecast predicted gale force winds and lots of rain for the evening and Sunday, sadly necessitating an early return home for most participants.

Many thanks to Sam Whatmough and the many fellow volunteers organizers.


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