The furthest airshow in distance from our homebase in 2014 was Air Waves 2014 in Portrush, Northern Ireland.

Especially in these regions that weather can become a factor, even in during the summer period. This year was no exception and although the air show itself was blessed with good weather, a slow moving cold front provided quite a challenge for some participants to reach the show. Bronco Demo Team therefore made an unscheduled night stop in Blackpool on the Irish Sea coast to sit out the front. The cunning plan worked marvelously, with the Bronco arriving well in time for it's first display on Saturday afternoon in brilliant sunshine.

The larger aircraft operated from Londonderry Airport, which was also our base. At our arrival the show was already in full swing with Peter Teichmann arriving, after displaying in his P51, just as we taxied in. Next was an ex Omani Strikemaster, which shared our parking on a disused runway.

Portrush is a small coast town located on an elevated rock projecting in to the north Atlantic Ocean and hence provides a great vantage point for any airshow goer with excellent photo opportunities. The show itself – organized by the brilliant Waddington Airshow team – was great too, with a wide variety of aircraft and helicopters. The highlight no doubt being the two Lancaster display. Our good friends from the Huey and Loach operated from the local tennisclub only a 5 minute walk away from the hotel. During the airshow the wide beach is blocked off and serves as an emergency runway.

On the way home the Monday morning we were asked by Belfast ATC to make a low approach and go around at Belfast Aldergrove airport, which we of course happily obliged to ;-) .

We had a great time indeed in Northern Ireland with thanks to Roger Steele, Paul Sall and to Coleraine Borough Council. Also many thanks to Paul Kolbe and Jason Phelan for sharing their photographs!


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