For more than 20 years, our now newly restored, Bronco 99+18 was on static display at the International Aviation Museum with Manfred Pflumm at Schwenningen-am-Neckar airfield, Germany. Almost to the day of the first post restoration flight two years ago, it was time to bring back the Bronco to it’s former home to show the result of our efforts.
Manfred and Margot, the owners of the museum, were very happy to see Bronco 99+18 back, looking better than ever. A large contingent of Bronco Demo Team crewmembers also joined in to enjoy a great holiday weekend in the Black Forest. The weather was again excellent with temperatures reaching an incredible 35°C.
Apart from the Bronco there were also four Dornier Do27s at the event. Three of them made several great formation fly-bys during the weekend. On Monday morning a unique formation was set up; three Do-27s lead by the Bronco. Manfred Pflumm did not hesitate to accept when offered to fly in the Bronco, which had been in his care for so long. The formation flight took him over the airfield and his museum. It was truly a fantastic moment, which Manfred says he will remember forever.
Our thanks go to Manfred and Margot for the great hospitality and the delicious food. It was a super holiday! Many thanks also go to Hans-Jürgen Götz and the other Do-27 crew for the great flying.

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