Bronco Demo Team arrived Saturday morning to enjoy an easy weekend at the cherished airfield of Zoersel, Belgium, for the annual fly-in at Aero-Para Club der Kempen.

The atmosphere is magical as the large airfield (a former NATO Cold War reserve base) is located in a large pine wood with a typical white sandy soil with big concrete runways and dispersals. The location lends itself perfectly for WWII re-enactors to set-up camp for the long weekend and provide some welcome security running guard rounds at night.

Not long after the Bronco arrived further aircraft from the North American Aviation stables arrived and flocked to the same dispersal. First a Trojan arrived, followed soon by a Harvard and then another T-28. A much anticipated highlight was the arrival of a P-51 Mustang. It was hoped that the latter NAA "horse" would also come in to land and complete the line up on the ground. Sadly this was not to be and the P-51 performed a spirited fly-by only.

A very good bar was hosted by the local 369 (Ghost) Squadron (, which made our stay all the more enjoyable and will not easily be forgotten… Plenty of animation was available for kids and BDT Cheerleaders alike too. All in all a very friendly fly-in in a perfect setting with lots of stuff to do and see for all ages.

Many thanks to Pascale Kempenaers, Paul De Vestel and all other APCK volunteers, and Jef Pets ( for the additional photographs!

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