Ex-German Air Force OV-10B Bronco “99+26”, civil registered under G-BZGL, arrived at Duxford, UK on September 13, 2001 after a ferry flight from the technical school of the Luftwaffe at Fassberg, Germany.

Since then significant restoration work has been performed to remove the ABDR (Aircraft Battle Damage Repair) as inflicted during it’s days as an educational tool at Fassberg. Additionally the airframe underwent thorough inspections and overhaul of major components such as the flight controls, engines, propellers and landing gear, effectively restoring the airplane to as new condition.

Wednesday November 25, 2015 saw OV-10B Bronco “99+26” taking to the skies again for a first postrestoration flight from Duxford with the airplane being ferried to Bronco Demo Team's homebase at Kortrijk-Wevelgem in Belgium. Further maintenance is required over the next couple of months, including a full repaint, returning “99+26” to the pristine condition it was in just as when it left the factory in Columbus, Ohio, some 45 years ago.

It is expected to have Bronco “99+26” ready for next Airshow season, joining Bronco Demo Team’s other aircraft “99+18”.


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