The European Airshow Convention promotes excellence and safety at Airshows and the yearly convention is the main meeting point of all involved in the Airshow scene in Europe and even beyond.
The 2015 edition took place from March 12-14 in Antwerp, Belgium. Bronco Demo Team attended the convention in full force. The opening reception found our Bronco Cheerleaders in full Bavarian Dirndle dress, attracting a lot of attention and many good photo opportunities with fellow participants.
On Friday and Saturday many interesting presentations were delivered, the highlight being Yves Rossy - the Jetman. On Friday evening the annual Airshow dinner took place during which the EAC board awarded prizes for excellence in promoting the European Airshow Scene. Bronco Demo Team new Bavarian theme was well appreciated and we were awarded the first price for best promotion. We feel very honoured having received a prize in this category for the third time in five years now.

The Convention was a very good start of the season with many good contacts made, no doubt leading up to a most promising season.

Next year’s EAC convention will take place in Malta, we are already looking forward to be there too.

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