Bronco Demo Team was invited for a return visit to the bi-annual Memorial Airshow at Roudnice nad Labem in the Czech Republic. Located close to the capital of Prague, the local Aeroclub organized the event for the 13th time, and a record crowd of 50.000 people visited the show during the weekend!
The theme for this edition was “70 years since the end of WWII” and this was celebrated in style with an impressive line up of warbirds (P51, Spitfire, B25, Avenger, Yak3, Zero) and several other treats such a the worlds only flying Lisunov 2 (a Russian license built DC3). The amazing Bavarian Bucker Formation team flying three Jungmans enthralled the enthusiastic audience with a nice display. Martin Sonka put up an awesome aerobatics display in his Extra 330. The Czech Air Force was represented by the VIP wing Challenger escorted by two SAAB Grippens. A Mil Hind in a WWII color scheme is as impressive as ever. One of the notable highlights was a WWII Pacific theatre re-enactment with an Avenger and Mitsubishi Zero replica.
The organisation was top notch and the excellent Saturday evening party was suitably closed with an impressive fireworks display. An excellent time was had by all and we are looking forward to the next edition of this prime Czech airshow.

Many thanks to Lukas Wunsch and the whole organizational team of the Roudnice Memorial Airshow for the great hospitality we received.


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