The Imperial war Museum at Duxford is well known as a main center for warbirds in Europe and is famous for it’s superb airshows. The first show of the year always carries the special theme honoring the close ties of Britain with America.

We were very excited to participate in this show and were asked put up a duo-display with the Skyvan and Bronco. In the weeks preceding the event, extensive training and qualification flights took place to fine tune our display. One of the main goals was to demonstrate tactical approaches, as used during the siege of Khe Sankh in Vietnam, while the Bronco provided top cover and strafing passes. A totally appropriate scenario showing both aircraft to their best advantage.

In the morning during the show days, visitors could enjoy a stroll along the flightline and view the aircraft up-close. The Imperial War Museum collection was open too, including the newly transformed American Air Museum. The air display started at 1.30pm and included many great acts. The Patrouille de France opened the show on Saturday and from there on the aircraft line-up smartly evocated aerial warfare developments from WW1 to the present day with the latest RAF Eurofighter Typhoon. Some very special formation displays took place, such as a B-17 protected by two Mustangs being intercepted by two Messerschmitt Bf109s. On Sunday the show was fittingly closed by the famous Red Arrows.
This Duxford airshow contained several “firsts” for Bronco Demo Team. It was our first Duxford airshow, the first duo-display with the Skyvan and the first public Skyvan display by our Skyvan pilot Bob. We were grateful to receive so many encouraging comments regarding our display and we certainly do hope to perform this rather unique display at other venues in the future too.
Many thanks to the IWM, especially Jeanne Frazier, Tom Turner and Sarah Arnold, the ever helpful ATC team, the firemen and guards and all others at Duxford making this such a great and enjoyable experience!

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