After a great weekend in the Netherlands the Bronco Demo Team headed, with 99+18 and the Skyvan, towards Denmark to make its first appearance at the Danish Air Show, which took place on Sunday June 19th 2016 at Fighter Wing Skrydstrup! Like the show in the Netherlands, the Danish Air Show is held at alternating Airbases throughout Denmark every two years. Skrydstrup is located in the south of Denmark and just about 180km north of Lübeck, the former home of the German Broncos.

After a nice ferry flight across the North Sea, with a stop at Helgoland, the Bronco was left at Skydstrup for some days, while the Skyvan continued its journey to meet the aviation photo crew to fly some excellent photo missions. Back in Skydstrup on Saturday afternoon everything was prepared for the show on Sunday.

The primary purpose of the air show is to inform the public about the tasks that armed forces perform as well as to present the different equipment that is used. During the very well prepared show about 150.000 visitors saw a very nice line-up of e.g. F-16s from different nations, Fokker Dreidecker, Spitfire, Saab Draken, C-130 Hercules, Mi-35 Hind, B-52, SU-27 Flanker and last but not least: the OV-10b Bronco participating the flying display. Our Skyvan was positioned in the crowd line and open to the public.

Many interested visitors kept us busy with, in some cases, extensive shopping lists at the merchandising stand; many others were interested to hear facts and stories about the Bronco and the Skyvan. We had a great day! Even two former employees of RFB company, which operated the Bronco out of Lübeck till 1990, made their way to Denmark to see their former “office”, the OV-10b.

It so just happened that Udo Stamer, former observer on the German Broncos, took the chance, like 26 years ago, to monitor Tonys start-up for the flying display in the afternoon. Like the rest of the day, everything went smooth and we got some great feedback about the slightly updated display.

With loads of great memories of this very well organized show and special thanks to Thomas Schau Damm, Thibaut Guilbert, Wing Ops and ATC Skrydstup. We would be happy to come back to Denmark at any time! Mange tak!"

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