Sunday 11th June saw Bronco Demo Team participate in two airshows in the UK. The first display was at the Bob Jones Memorial Airshow which is staged at Welshpool airport by the Welshpool Town Council with support of Welshpool Airport.

A varied program was presented at the foothills of the Welsh mountains in – as one observer put it – testing conditions, with a very stiff breeze (say wind) coming down from the mountains interspersed with the odd and sometimes heavy rain shower. Our OV-10 Bronco was presented in a flying display operating out of RAF Cosford.

The second display was at the annual RAF Cosford airshow itself, where our OV-10 Bronco took part in a staged Vietnam war set-piece. This involved also a Loach and Huey helicopter plus a venerable Russian build Antonov AN2 biplane. What made this part of the show so exciting were the awesome pyrotechnics that turned the otherwise peaceful RAF Cosford airfield into a real Vietnam like hot pot, with a wall-of-fire emulating napalm attacks and with explosions on the ground illustrating strafing runs. The surroundings at RAF Cosford are perfect for such a scenario and one could easily imagine being amidst of the action as in the ‘Nam.

The hosting at RAF Cosford was as near perfect as you could get and a great time was had by all the team. Our thanks go to Welshpool Town Council, Peter Sinclair, Peter Reoch and the great team at RAF Cosford.


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