The weekend of 18-19 March, our 2017 season started. All team members gathered at the Wevelgem home base on Friday evening, and the weekend started with dinner and bowling. On Saturday the Crew Chiefs had their annual training day while the ladies prepared the food and made some delicious poppy-seed cakes. In the evening a night photo shoot organized by Rate One magazine featuring 99+18 as the star attraction proved very popular and was a huge success..

On Sunday the hangar was prepared and after lunch, the first visitors arrived for the 6th edition of the annual Bronco Fan Day. The new poppy livery on the Bronco was well received by the fans. Weather remained dry and visitors enjoyed “Bratwürst”, cakes and drinks in good company. The new “Rate One” magazine was launched with our “Poppy” Bronco on the cover. Poppy Gin and more was served by Rubbens distillery.

As the weather was good, it was time to get the Bronco running for a short flight over Wevelgem Airport. This time Crew Chief Wim got a chance to fly the Bronco for the first time, and he really enjoyed it.

The 6th Bronco Fan Day was a great success, many thanks to our fans for giving us so much support. We are looking forward to a great season, bringing “Poppies from Flanders Fields”!


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