Following a beautiful positioning flight across Europe eastbound under superb blue skies, with stops en-route at Friedrichshafen and Sarajevo, a very warm welcome was extended by the wonderful OTAKU Aviation crew and former Solo Turk, Murat Keles, upon our arrival at the very first Eurasia airshow in Antalya, Turkey.

Arriving at the early stages of the build-up it was readily evident that a world class event was in the making. The professionalism displayed by the various crews was indeed second to none and made for an excellent venue!

The bi-annual Eurasia airshow is staged over 5 days. It is an aviation trade show in the sense of Le Bourget and Farnborough, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and attracts over 150.000 visitors to this important economic growth region.

The show location, Antalya International airport, is also busy holiday hub with over 400 commercial flights a day. Commercial traffic continues at full pace during the airshow. This is only possible through smart planning, keeping the eastern side of the airport clear for display aircraft while airliners use the parallel western runways. A very smart and efficient set-up.

While first three professional days enticed good contacts for Bronco Demo Team, we were pleased to see and meet so many fans during the two public days over the weekend. The warmth and sympathy extended by the people of Turkey was amazing. A never ending procession of people wanted their picture taken with our team members and the Bronco. All cheered merrily during the flying displays.

We were especially impressed to see so many young boys and girls, telling about their passion, interest and studies in aviation. They are all looking forward to a great and exciting future and this is displayed with much enthusiasm!

The Eurasia airshow left us with a most amazing impression of a stunning country, its great and warm people and with great potential for the Eurasia airshow the become one of the regular major aviation trade shows.

Our sincerest thanks are extended to the volunteers from plenty nationalities and the full organization technical-operations, flying directors, and all the managers to make this for us one of the highest level of airshows!

The Mediacity team
Ferhat Yenibertiz
Ilayda Basaran
Onur Uyanik
Ferdi Tekin
Eren Karamay

The Otaku team
Mehmet Balkab
Tuuba Kulaksiz
Selda Isik
Tolga Gökçepinar
Gökhan Erkol

The Flight Display team
Perttu Karivalo
Arto “ATE” Tervonen
Antti Salminen

The official airshow photographer
Ozkan Uner

Anyone who has contributed in any way whatsoever to make our stay and participation so comfortable and enjoyable.


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