Nine years ago, Naval Air Base Nordholz in northern Germany, was the first public outing of our Bronco 99+32. 2019 we were happy to return for the "Tag der Bundeswehr". Before the event, Tony and Edith spent some vacation time on the island of Wangerooge, while Markus and Mirko took their newly restored Dornier Do27 to Kiel for the reunion with its former owners. Since the first trip, 9 years ago, an idea was in our mind to do a formation air to air shooting with Bronco and her successor Pilatus Pc9, operated by EIS (now QinetiQ) out of Kiel.

During the Kiel visit, Mirco and Thomas made contact with QinetiQ to coordinate a photoflight with Bronco, PC-9 and a Caravan as photoship. On the arrival day to Nordholz, the PC-9 departed Kiel on a mission, while the Bronco flew from Wangerooge inbound Nordholz and Mirko and Thomas took the Caravan from Itzehoe for a rendezvous over the Elbe river. Days of work resulted in once in a lifetime pictures! Thanks alot to all involved to make this stunning event come true! Bronco and Dornier arrived at Nordholz on friday before lunch, ready for the spotter event, that evening!

While the spotter event was in bright sunshine, the show day itself was a mix of clouds and showers. Still good enough to bring the Broncos special sound and agility into the sky over Nordholz. The event was a great success and our sales tent well accepted by the crowd. Lots of people shared their memories of our Bronco, when still in use as target tug and our flying display was much appreciated. Thanks alot to Nordholz and the MFG 3 for their support and great hospitility! It was a great return and wonderful to be back!

Text: Markus Rheinländer | Photo: Mirko Krogmeier; Markus Rheinländer; Thomas Viertbauer

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